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Epic face of mike camacho! Di na kailangan ng filter, wala nan ipagbabago. Hahaha. #postbdayceleb

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Zodiac Hidden Fears

♈ Aries: Aries fear that they don't fear 'fear'. Most of them are insightful enough to know they can leap head on into danger unnecessarily
♉ Taurus: People will think they are boring. To make up for it they bake food or take people out because they are worried they alone aren't enough
♊ Gemini: Other people will see how internally wound up and vulnerable they are. How much they really need somebody there; no matter how independent they may seem
♋ Cancer: Having a volatile family life. Most Cancers fear divorce but also believe it will never happen to them
♌ Leo: People will tire of their theatrics and neediness and reject them entirely. That eventually people will give up on trying to assure them and cope with their drama
♍ Virgo: People will judge them and treat them differently if they are not at least fulfilling some purpose or use for being around
♎ Libra: They will be alone forever
♏ Scorpio: They will open up and share a secret to somebody, but be rejected / betrayed
♐ Sagittarius: They will love somebody more than the other person loves them. They will need somebody more than they are needed.
♑ Capricorn: Because everyone puts so much faith in them, they are secretly worried they will just destroy everything and don't know who to ask for help
♒ Aquarius: Eventually they will just drift entirely away from everybody. That one day they will be unable to decipher what is rational and not. A true sense of isolation
♓ Pisces: That people only pretend to like them. Most Pisces can't figure out why they have friends or why they are liked. They are constantly comparing themselves
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Raleigh Ritchie

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Thanks for this sketch @krstneco <3 <3

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Harry Potter Inspired Illustrations

A series of “artifacts” from the wizarding world (and extremely fun commission!).

"Harry Potter Artifacts; Books 1-7," ink and watercolor, 2013.

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jk rowling’s reasoning as to why fenrir greyback turned remus into a werewolf: remus’s father insulted him so he did it as an act of revenge

the actual reason greyback bit remus: the temptation to succumb to the fact that biting remus whose name literally means ‘werewolf mcwerewolf’ would be the greatest feat in lycanthropic irony the world had ever seen
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The definition of lazy #fat #cat <3

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Amber Heard for Self Assignment by Terry Richardson (2012)

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my whole life


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REPLY #1: 

Wow ha. Seenzoned. Feeling mo ikinagwapo mo to? Feeling mo cute ka jan? Feeling mo suplado is the new pogi? Di ka nagkakamali. Huhu. . :(

REPLY #2: 

"Uyyy. binasa mo na naman pero di ka nagreply. Tinititigan mo naman yung message ko sa’yo. Natulala ka na naman. Tumigil na naman yung mundo mo dahil saken? Ano baaa. <3"


"Hello test seenzoned. Hello test."


"Pinag-iisipan mo na naman kung anong irereply mo sa’ken? Okay lang yan. Take your time. Sulitin mo yung buhay single. Dahil kapag naging tayo, sa akin na lahat buong oras mo. Goodnight.<3”


"Ah ganon. Seenzoned. Panindigan mo yan okay. Wag mo na akong hahabulin pa or susuyuin o magmakaawang i-crush kita ulit. Tapos na tayo. I’m officially breaking up with you. Period. No erase. Tapon susi.”


"Tinitigan mo message ko, tinititigan ko din message mo. OMG! Para na rin tayong nagkatitigan. :)"


"Aww. Ngayon ko napatunayan na Love is not blind. It sees but it doesn’t mind."


You:  “Uhmm. Let’s talk dirty?”

Crush: ”Sure. Gustong gusto ko yan. :D”

You: “Tae. Basura. Utot. Kulangot. Nana ng Tagihawat. Putik. Inuuod na daga. Suka. Patay na ipis.”

REPLY #9: 

"That’s the thing about being seenzoned, it demands to be read and felt. From now on, “Seenzoned’ is our always. *Seenzoned? *Seenzoned."

REPLY #10:

"Seenzoned? Tapos bukas rereplyan mo ako ng "Uy. Sorry late reply." Tapos ako naman, eto, kikiligin pa rin tapos magkakadevelopan na tayo hanggang sa ibigay ko na yung virginity ko sa’yo. Tapos mabubuntis ako eh 1st year high school pa lang ako. How dare youuu."


Kung wala talaga eh di hayaan na lang. Wala itong kasiguraduhan na di ka na ulit masiseenzoned pero isipin mo na lang na kung hindi talaga siya interesado sa’yo, atleast nabigyan mo ng magandang hustisya yung pagkakaseenzoned sa’yo. Hindi yung tinanggap mo na lang sa sarili mo na,

"Shett. Na-seenzoned ako ni crush. Ibalik ang Death Penalty. huhu"

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Game of Thrones Merchandise: http://bit.ly/19zIiWD

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#Derp #faces using #fisheye lens <3

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With my pretty (ahem!) work friends. :)

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choosing a gender in an rpg more like do i wanna be a girl or do i wanna romance girls