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I should delete you in every freaking way possible. The problem is finding the strength to do so.

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Tag Game: Characters with the same Myers-Briggs as you

If you don’t know your personality type, take the test here 

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Rules: Find out what characters share the same personality type as you here and list the characters that you find relevant below. Then tag five friends and let them know you tagged them!

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Type: ESTJ


You are one of the Sentinels - a reliable and dedicated individual who respects traditions and prizes responsibility. You are known for your social skills, strong will and administrative abilities. 

  • Lucy van Pelt - Peanuts
  • Princess Leia Organa - Star Wars
  • Tony Soprano - The Sopranos
  • Cersei Lannister - Game of Thrones
  • Khal Drogo - Game of Thrones

fill in the blanks

1. name: angel
2. birthday: july 30
3. favourite color: aqua
4. lucky number: 7
5. height: 4’8? 


1. last dream you remember: My dad is cursing me to oblivion
2. can you juggle: no
3. art/sports/both: both
4. do you like writing: big fat YES
5. do you like dancing: back in the days, yes.
6. do you like singing: it doesn’t like me


1. dream vacation: everywhere but definitely SANTORINI
2. dream guy/gal: Colton Effing Haynes
3. dream wedding: by the beach
4. dream pet: baby panda and a lion 
5. dream job: Marine Biologist


1. favourite song: At this moment angsty Avril Lavigne songs
2. favourite album: Beatles Greatest Hits
3. favourite artist: Uhm…too many really. But some would be Jack Savoretti, Beatles, .Fun, Bastille etc.
4. last song you heard on the radio: Give me a reason
5. least favourite song: Buko
6. least favourite album: some techno album
7. least favourite artist: no one in particular


1. guys/girls/both: guys
2. hair colour: dark haired
3. eye colour: brown, black, blue
4. humorous/serious: somewhere in between
5. taller/shorter: definitely tall
6. biggest turn-off: childishness and arrogance
7. biggest turn-on: wit

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Royal Airhead

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Wishful thinking. #personal

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People break your heart regardless if you did or did not give them permission to do so and regardless if they have an idea that they did it.

So, i saw this book while looking for new ones to read and I just really like the cover. I want a photo like this, how i’ll achieve it, I still don’t know but I will make it happen!!!

32 Surreal Places On Earth

I don’t know how but it will happen <3

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Samantha and her crew XD

So, I went out with a couple of girl friends last Wednesday and it was a pretty entertaining evening. I was a bit late (typical Angel fashion really) and I arrived with them already have discussed new things about each other.

Anyway, what amused me was the topic of what 21 and 23-year-olds do. You see, there were only two of us in the group who are 25 and the rest are a few years older. The other 25-year-old is having this flirty thing with a 21-year-old boy and we were discussing the motives.

Friend: Let’s face it, what were you guys doing when you were at that age?
Me: Uhm…working?
Friend: Angel, you were 21 when we were 23.
Me: …..

I didn’t comment any longer but in my head I was really looking back because they were saying those age was when they party and just simply have fun. But all I can remember was, sure, I was in parties too, but I was working.

We all worked in a PR agency. That was a part of our job. We dined out, we partied, we went to events. We talked to media, we talked to CEOs, and with all those long hours of devoting both your social and professional life in one place, I can’t really remember simply having fun and fooling around with guys.

All the flirting, playing coy, and being charming on my part was all done for the love of the job. Then I must be that boring huh? LOL. Just some random thoughts that presented itself to me this early Sunday morning.

PS: I was in an LDR entanglement then as well so maybe that’s another reason of me focusing solely on work and not meeting and playing around?

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So, I was rereading old emails and a great wave of longing for someone hit me. It made me think that I wish some things doesn’t change.

That laughing about silly things and sharing little facts about each other could have been enough, that complications such as emotions don’t come in the way of a friendship.

I miss you, airheaded and all.

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R.K., I Am The Wolf Only Barely Contained (via jameskerk)

have you considered that maybe i am not pleasant?

maybe i wear lipstick so that
you will see my pretty pink mouth
wrapping around a coffee cup lid
and be distracted enough not to notice
that i am intelligent and powerful;
a threat.

maybe i draw my brows into high arches
so you will look at my unimpressed skepticism
and overlook my spiteful glare
as a trick of my silly, girlish routine.

maybe i wear my heels so high and thin
so that i grasp your attention with the sway of my hips
as i listen to the click-clack-click against the floor
and know that if you should try to overpower me
i walk on sharpened knives.

maybe when i laugh at your worthless jokes
i am really baring my fangs
waiting patiently for the day
that i sink them into your neck.

i am not made of porcelain pleasantries;
you will find that these things are my armor
to keep you at a distance
so you do not step on me and shatter
my fragile control.

i am not a husk — i am not wilting.
i am turning my head
so that the fire blazing through my eyes
does not catch on the accelerant of your sweaty palms
and burn your bones to dust.

i am not your pretty girl;
i am a fury, a faerie, a phoenix —
a forest of werewolves and wendigos
that will carve out your chest
so that the next time i paint my pretty pink lips
i will taste the copper tang of your dying breaths.
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Lost, Scavenger Hunt

You will always be to me a familiar mystery…

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My heart skipped a beat
As your named popped in a blink
Does yours do the same?
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